Google Photos lets you hide your private photo

Google Photos lets you hide your private photo

An archive feature update for Google Photos users has been released, through which users can separate their photos from the main album.It often happens that we do not want to keep our personal photos in the main album or gallery. To maintain privacy we can use the Google Photos archive feature. This update has been released for Android users. If you have not received this update yet, you can update your Google Photos app or wait for some time.You will still see the archived photos on search and you will have to go to the archive option to view the pictures you've been interested in.You can follow these steps to hone your personal photos in Google Photos.
  • Open Google Photos in your phone and tap on the photo you want to hydrate.
  • Tap on the Three Dots icon at the top of the photo.
Tap on the archive button to hydride the photo.If you want to see the hydrified photos then tap on the menu icon at the top of the screen.You can see Hyde photos by tapping on the archive button present here.

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