Every user should know about 10 Whats app TRICKS, a lot of work

Every user should know about 10 Whats app TRICKS, a lot of work

Everyone should be aware that these 10 Whats app tricks will work very much.Best whats app tricks in Hindi: Whats app is used by millions of mobile users in India. Users from this messaging app send messages, videos, photos, etc. to each other or use it for interaction. But do you know that you can pin important chats on whats app.You might not know this thing, but there are many similar tricks that Whats App users can use. Here we are going to tell you 10 such tricks which all WhatsApp users should know. Read:

Read the address of the Sender, Whats app Message

Do you know that there is a trick on whats app, with the help of which you will read the sender's message and he will not even know. For this, the user only needs to put their phone on the flight mode before reading the message. After that, read whit speed messages and then close all windows. After this, return flight mode back. Now you will have read that message and the sender will not even know if you have read that message or not. 

Share your live locationAfter issuing live location on Facebook, the company had also introduced this feature on WhatsApp. Through this feature, the user can share his live location with another user. For this, the WhatsApp user has to go to the location just by going to the chat. There you will see two options. One location and the other live location. After this the live location can be sent. Users can share live location from 15 minutes to 8 hours. This will keep you tracked by your friend. 

Make messages 'unseand' 
Have you sent the wrong message to WhatsApp on WhatsApp? If so then there is no need to be disturbed. You can delete it comfortably You just have to go to that message and put some money back. After this there will be a single delete and another delete for ever option. You can delete that message by clicking on Delete for Everyone. After this the other user will not know which message you sent him. 

Chat on Whatsapp 'Pin' 
Many times users want to see some of the chats in WhatsApp on top. In such a way they can do this work. There is also a trick for this. The chat that the user has to pin will have to be pressed for a long time. There you will go to the pin icon. Let you know that you can chat with three chats at once. 

Create GIF 
Whatsapp is now also supporting GIF. But do you know that you can make these GIFs and send it to your friends. However, GIFs can be made of the same video, which are already saved on your smartphone.For this, first of all, you have to go to the chat, which GIF wants to send. There you go to the attach icon and select the gallery. Then go to the video there and you will see that option to convert that video to a GIF.

Edit photosWhen we are telling you that you can edit photos on whatsapp, then we are not talking to you about filters like Snapchat. You can just make a doodle on the photos. Apart from this, something can be written on the picture.For this, the user must first go to the gallery after attaching the attachment. Select the photo you want to send there. After this, when the picture opens, you can easily edit it.

Make text bold 

The message you are trying to send to Whatsapp can make them bold. For this, you need to add * before and after the chat.

Chat in many languages 

Can not chat on WhatsApp only in English. Apart from this, there are many languages, which can be chanted. All you have to do is go to Whatsapp settings and select chats. After this, there will be a language option. Now you can choose the language of your choice.

Customize Notifications 

Do you know that you can get notifications of some numbers on WhatsApp only. It is very easy. For this, you can make custom notifications by going to the contact you want.

Close to the Last Seine 

If you want to know when you have used the last time WhatsApp did not know about it, then you just have to go to the settings of whatsapp. There the privacy must be clicked. After this you can choose the option for the last scene there.

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