Download this 3 app if you want to free Wifi Usage

Download this 3 app if you want to free Wifi Usage

So nowadays all people will have 1GB data plan in the mobile but who do not like the free internet? However, it is not necessary that the internet pack is always active on the phone. So today we will let you know the way to get free WIFI ...
Instabridge:Instabridge is also an app that lets you connect to the public Wifi. The app's expertise is that it connects with the fastest network. If there is no network besides this, the App is going on the auto mobile network so that the connectivity remains.
Facebook:You can learn about free Wifi from your Facebook app too. Click on the 3 dot found on the right side of Facebook App for this. Now you will get a Fifty Wifi option on Scalping, which will be seen on the free Wifi list.
Wefi:Wefi is an app that cares about free Wifi around you. The most important thing about this is that if this app is in your phone, your phone will be manually reconnected with free Wifi, you do not need to search for it. You can download this app from the Play Store.

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