Charge your mobile correctly using these tips

Charge your mobile correctly using these tips

You will have a mobile and you know everything about charging it, but do you know that you have been wrongly charging your phone for years, and you do not even know about it.About Mobile Charging A battery company, called Battery University, examines the smartphone and battery, let us know how the mobile battery is charged and it should not be charged.Charge the phone a little bit:All of us have to pay full habits to the phone, but according to experts, the phone should never charge a full charge, it should be charged for a little while.Do not keep the mobile in the charger:We are often putting a mobile phone in the charger, which is a very bad habit. If you have such a habit then change it.Keep between 65% and 75% of the mobile battery:According to Battery University, keep the management on the battery power of the phone, and do not always keep it in charging, try to make the phone's batteries completely full and charge it between 65% and 75%.No need to remove the charger after full charge:When we charge a battery charge, we usually remove it from charging, whereas the fact is, you do not need to remove the mobile from the plug. Charger stops taking power after the battery is fully charged.

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