Changed Your Look on PAN Card, Find out what’s new

Changed Your Look on PAN Card, Find out what’s new

The central government has modified the design of PAN card. Now every new PAN card issued will have more security features, which can not make any fraud with the information provided in it. Two companies from the Income Tax Department issue PAN cards to NSDL and UTIITSL.

The biggest change in the newly released PAN card will be the QR cord as the base card. This will make the card holder more aware of the card than the card scan. This will make the verification process easier. Now, if someone has the first PAN card and wants to take a new PAN card, then he can apply for a fee of Rs 107.

The name, father’s name and birth date are only in the English language in the previous PAN card. This caused problems in reading and understanding of Hindi-speaking people. But now the new Pan Card will have this good knowledge in Hindi too.

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