These settings can be of great help to you once you see

These settings can be of great help to you once you see

Today we are going to tell you. Regarding some such settings in your smartphone Those who most probably will not know about. As far as some people will know. So they will not have complete information about these settings. These settings are hidden in your smartphone only. If you turn on these settings then You can hide your phone's personal data. And if you want you can lock your phone's display without locking the phone. So let's now tell you about these settings.

Make Personal Data Hyde
You always shy away from giving your smartphone to someone else. Because you think it does not see your photos or WhatsApp chat. But if you will do this settings. So your fear will end at all. Because after doing this setting your personal data will be hid. That is, the other person will not be able to see your photos. Nor will you be able to read WhatsApp's chat.

To do this setting you have to go to the setting of your smartphone. Then click on the User option. You will see two options of Owner and Guest Then you can click on the option of the guest. No one can see your personal data after clicking. Even if you give your phone to another person. So the other person will just be able to see some of your limited things. This setting of your phone works exactly like the phone lock and app lock.
Change the phone's screen at night
You are mostly using your smartphone at night. So during that time, the screen lights of your phone and you are quite disturbs. Not only this, it also has a bad effect on your eyes. If you will do this setting. Then your phone's display will become black and white. And you will be able to use your phone without any hassle, using it very easily.

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