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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Now the license has to be linked with the link, the government started these preparations

Now the license has to be linked with the link, the government started these preparations

The central government is preparing to link driving licenses to Aadhaar number. The Supreme Court's constitutional hearing is on the issue of linking the support to government organizations. Meanwhile, the Central Road Transport Ministry has asked the court to link the support with the driving license. A five-member constitutional constitution, chaired by Minister Justice Deepak Mishra, on the petition challenging the law and the legality of the 2016 law, supporting the support plan and its support. The back is hearing.Driving licenses will soon be linked to support across the country. The Central Government is preparing a system named NIC Sarathi with the information of the Supreme Court. It will keep a record of driving licenses holders across the country. All Loans will be linked to support. So the issue of bogus license will be removed.Details of the traffic rules violated by the system after this system will be in the central record. It is not necessary to punch a license for it. A court hearing on the issue related to road safety said that the number of deaths due to road mishaps in the country has decreased. Compared to 2016, death statistics have decreased by 3% in 2017. The court has expressed satisfaction over it. Now the next hearing will take place in the first week of April

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