IPhone will become your cheapest smartphone after downloading this app

IPhone will become your cheapest smartphone after downloading this app

If you do not have Face Unlock feature on your Android smartphone, then you can get it by changing some settings. That is, you can now enjoy Face Unlock feature in any Android smartphone. This advance feature was first brought to Apple in its iPhone X. After this, this feature has become the hottest hot for Android smartphones. Although many Android smartphones are also offering software to update this feature. Let's know that if your phone does not have a Face Unlock feature, then you can bring it as soon as you download an app.

You can also easily access Face Unlock feature in your Android phone which runs on Android 7.0 and above operating system. For this, you have to download the AutoInput app from Play Store.

After downloading the AutoInput app from the Play Store, you will get two options as soon as you open it. These options are 'Purchase Full Version' and 'Use for Free'. If you select 'Use for Free' you will need to see 1 minute ed. You have to see this ad every day.

If you select the Purchase Full Version option, then you have to download another app AutoApps and purchase. You will have to spend 110 rupees for this app.

Now go back to the AutoInput app now! After this, enable 'Auto Dismiss Keyguard'. After this, open the phone's settings and go to 'Security'. And click on 'Smart Lock'. Now you will see the 'Trusted Face' feature. set it. After this, whenever you open your smartphone you will see face and unlock feature.

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