Great: Do your deleted contacts like this!

Great: Do your deleted contacts like this!

Have you ever deleted contacts from mobile or all your contacts have been lost? If this happened to you, you would have known this pain very well that after getting contract, how much trouble is there. But nowadays like smartphones, if in today's era, if anybody's contacts are deleted. So many options have come to us for the smart recovery. But still we are not complacent with them. Because we have come to the smartphone using the featured phone So even today, we are relieved of the fear of relation from contacts that all my contacts do not get deleted. But today we tell you about a feature that keeps all of your contacts alive.

We are talking about Google Contacts! You can go to Google's contact's site to see all the contacts you have saved. When you save a contact in the mobile, it automatically links to your Google account with your contact account. That is, when all of your contacts are deleted, you can login to Google's contact account and restore them. For this you have to first open the site of Google Contact. You can then restore all your contacts by logging in with your email ID. If your contacts have been deleted, then you must use this method.

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