Google Play Protect for android apps

Google Play Protect for android apps

There is also a setting in your Android smartphone that works for all the apps’ security in the phone. However, many people do not know about this setting. This setting is hidden inside the Android operating system. Google has developed it for special apps security. You can activate all settings on the phone by turning on this setting.

Setting is done by app scan

This setting of Google is associated with Play Store. That means that whenever you go to the Play Store or install an app from there, it will keep the phone secure in both the condition. This will prevent the setting attack if there is a virus attack on the phone or any other type of damage occurs on the phone. It always keeps scanning the phone’s apps.

First go to Phone Settings. Here’s a Google setting, open it The setting below has security options, open it.
There is a Google Play Protection option inside Security, you have to select it, now you have to turn on both options given below here.

As soon as you turn this option on, all the apps installed on the phone will start scanning. If your phone is OK, then a message of Fine will also appear.

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