Coolest system: Now the stolen mobile phone for thieves will be the only toy

Coolest system: Now the stolen mobile phone for thieves will be the only toy

Mobile robberies are increasing day by day when cell phones are sourcing the benefits of mobile phones. However, now mobile thieves will not get any work from the stolen mobile phone. Soon the government is preparing to introduce a new system. All services on the stolen or lost mobile phones will be blocked. This system will also work on all networks to delete the SIM or change the IMEI number.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) was entrusted with the task of developing software and implementing system for this new system Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), and the company has to test its pilot basis from its Pune center for six months on pilot basis. An official document says that CEI’s intention is to reduce the number of counterfeit mobile phones and reduce theft. This will make it easier for law enforcement agencies to take legal action against the protection of consumers’ interestsRead.

As per the new plan of BSNL, the CEIR system will connect the IMEI database with all mobile operators. According to the document, CEIR works as a central system for the distribution of mobile terminals in black lists among all network operators. So that the device played in one network in the above series will not work in the other. This condition will happen when the seam card has changed. When the mobile is lost, the relevant person will have to tell the IMEI number to find the handset. This is the 15 digit number, which allocates the global industry organization GSMA.

It has also been said in the document that theft of mobile phones is not only financial loss but also the danger of national security with the personal life of citizens. IEMI will be notified of CEIR if the missing or stolen or duplicate handset is notified. The Department of Telecommunications has thus forbidden operators to provide the services of fake IMEI numbers. But, companies have trouble understanding the handset of a fake IMEI number. CEER operators will also help in identifying handsets with fake IMEI numbers. It is important that the Department of Telecommunications is also preparing to notify the rules, in which IMEI numbers will be punishable with penalties. This can also be up to 3 years in prison.


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