If the vehicle does not have HSRP number plate from Jan 15, then penalty up to Rs 500!

For the safety reasons in the state, the hygiene number plate brought in vehicles has been made mandatory from January 15. If there is no HSRP in these vehicles after this period, recovery of up to Rs. 500 will be recoverable. However, there are still thousands of vehicles in the state for the old number of plates. On the other hand, due to the lack of fast management of the number plate changing the number of vehicles will be changed by the time limit? There has been a question about it.
Thus, the HSRP number plate has been implemented in the state for a long time. In the registration of new vehicles, the 2012 High Security registration number plate is levied. 5 However, many thousands of old vehicles still have to change the number plate. The HSRP has been compulsory from January 15, 2018, in the state of this slow-moving process.
According to the vehicle commissioner, "According to the Supreme Court order, it is mandatory to put HSRP number plate in vehicles. The Supreme Court has notified the names of five other states, including Gujarat on November 23 and details of what steps have been taken by states to implement the order have been sought. Following this, the state government has been instructed to implement all the police commissioners, police superintendents. This arrangement has been created for vehicles dealers to fit the HSRP number plate. In addition to the RTO office, any vehicle dealer nearby can be fitted with HSRP number plate from service charge approved by the state government.
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