If the call is blocked then this app will help in calling

If the call is blocked then this app will help in calling
New Delhi: If you want anyone and he is blocking your mobile number by annoying or not receiving the phone. So there is no need to worry about it, because today we will share the information of such an app with you, through which you can easily call the front and convince you. Now you should be thinking that when the number is the block, then how to celebrate, then tell that this app will help you to call the person, but at the same time, instead of your number, it will show the second number on his phone so that he Understand the number and receive the call.

First go to Google Play Store and download Test Me Up app from there. After that you sign up the app. By doing this, your account will be created. Only five minutes of free calls will be available from the start of this app. The keypad is given in the bottom of the app, with the help of which you can dial the number of calls you want to call. After this, as soon as the other person's mobile phone calls, he will be able to see some other number instead of your number, which he will not recognize, whose number it is and will receive it. This will allow you to talk to him and talk about your heart.

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